Thursday, April 06, 2006

Little Buddy's Blog

Just as I was about to set out for my walk with Princess, the sky opened up and it poured down rain. This is getting a bit tedious. I am still waiting for a day of sunshine. We came back in as we were not properly outfitted. Too tired anyway.

It’s a time for napping and the dogs have beat me to it. Lenny has been on his spot on the heating grate for the past hour. I’m headed for the couch. It’s Day Four of my Nine Day Fast and I am glad to have an excuse for not doing anything.

I spent most of this day setting up a new Blog, The Saga of Little Buddy. I have been sending e-mails about Buddy’s surgery and progress in recovery to my friend back in Missouri. George is the dog trainer that helped me turn Princess into a better behaved companion. He suggested that others might be interested in my journal about the hip dysplasia story. So I compiled the e-mails and some other notes into a blog. Check it out at

Short of a video cam, these Blogs are the best way to have a glimpse of my life, warts and all. Please continue to look for updates both places.


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