Saturday, September 09, 2006

Are You Ready for Some Football?

All you need is a couch, a TV (preferably with cable), a remote, snacks, beverages, and the ability to vege out for about five hours, give or take. Sundays in the Fall spent watching football! What more can a Couch Potato want? For me, I also need some yarn and a pair of knitting needles.

Twenty years ago (how has it been that long?) when I was living (if you can call it that) in Quincy and Roseville, I “got into” football. Partly so I could have something to talk to my teenage sons about, and partly so I could just sit down for awhile and rest my weary bones after a year of moves and job changes. I decided to use my time wisely (something I had not been doing well), and we all know (thank you, Mr. Stark) that “busy hands are happy hands.”

And so was born the Fall Football Project…usually an afghan, sometimes a sweater, once a series of scarves. A BIG project that required quite a few hours of knitting, not too complicated, but challenging enough to stay interesting over three months. You can see the fruits of my labor in the homes of my children and friends, draped over the couch, wrapped around their necks.

So once more, I am starting out on another knitting adventure. This time, an Aran Afghan (more lace and cables like the Wedding Afghan). Knit in strips that are easily manageable (and portable) using fancy stitches from the book 99 Stitches that I won as a door prize at Yarn Yoga. If you knit…you will recognize the directions: K2 tog, PSSO, SSK, YO etc. It does require paying attention, but not so much you can’t look up for that winning touchdown.

If the afghan strips get me down, I can turn my attention to making my first lace doily using a pattern my friend Pam sent me. This is a TINY project using size 1 needles and thread. It is very portable, but also a bit difficult and it does require paying close attention.

Both of these projects are potential entries in the Oregon State Fair next year. I missed the deadline for entries this year, but when I visited the Fair I could see my work might win some ribbons. So that is a goal for 2007. I’m pretty much ready to go for the Football Season but I need to lay in some snacks (White Cheddar Popcorn, chips and homemade salsa) and set out a pitcher of sun tea. Who’s your team? I’ve been a 49-er fan all these years, but today’s team is very different from the Joe Montana years. Since Portland doesn’t have a team, I can root for whoever looks good on any given day. So…Are you ready for some football? YES!


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