Friday, September 08, 2006


Out on my refurbished front porch, I watch the Harvest Moon rising up above the treetops. I learned it is called that because in September it rises lower in the sky, seems bigger, and stays bright longer, and thus gave farmers more time to bring in the harvest. By the same token, the October Hunter’s Moon gave more light in which to bring home the autumn kill.

The porch is looking great with all the damaged plants repotted and more plants added, along with a string of prayer flags and a frog wall plaque my friend Ann gave me for my birthday. Timely since I am under the spell of Frog totem spirit. Now that the neighborhood kids are back in school, the day time hours are peaceful and I can return to my little sanctuary and read and relax with my second cup of coffee and enjoy the awesome weather we have been having.

Fall is coming though, and leaves are skittering down the street. Pine cones falling all over the yard. A touch of crispness in the air, and a different cast to the sunlight. I have taken down the black sun screen liners from the back of the curtains and opened up the house to sunshine. It’s dark by 8:00 p.m. now, and by the end of the month it will be dark at 7:00 p.m.

So we move along to the anniversary of my move here, and soon it will be the second October I have been in Oregon. Memories of Osceola fade fast, but it is comforting to have Down Home Musings to help me remember. Copies of the book are selling quite well, and the first printing is sold out and more have been ordered. If you want to see the Ozark town where I lived, you can visit

So another moon cycle begins as this moon wanes. Life goes on and next week the fall busyness begins in earnest. But tonight I am on my porch, enjoying the white geraniums reflecting the moonglow. Thinking of friends near and far who may be looking at the same moon from Grass Valley or the Antelope Valley or Paris or Arkansas or Minnesota or Missouri or Maine.


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We watched the sun set on the Western horizon as a bright red-orange ball and then saw the moon appear on the Eastern horizon as the same bright red-orange ball. Awesome in both directions! (Big fire in the Antelope Valley.)

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