Monday, August 27, 2007

Hot Enough For You?

Well…actually it’s not. We just didn’t have any hot weather this year and not many sunny days to call “summer.” Is this global warming? Hah! Whatever…the weather predictions for this week are temps “dipping into the 40s” and a rainy weekend. I’m still sleeping under two wool blankets every night and wearing socks with my sandals.

It seems incomprehensible to many who love cool weather, but I miss those Missouri summers. Nostalgia is easier from out here in the Pacific Northwest. I’m sure my friends who are, in fact, sweltering back there would just as soon need a blanket.

Labor Day looms and weather notwithstanding, it is the End of Summer. School starts and no more white shoes allowed. I optimistically had packed all my winter clothes in plastic tubs and put them in the storage unit. Every morning I am out there in my pajamas looking for some jeans or a sweater. This is all very disorienting for an old lady.


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