Friday, August 31, 2007

Where Is Doris?

Doris Anderson is no relation to me, but I am still concerned for her well-being. This 76-year old woman from nearby Sandy has been lost since last Friday (my birthday) in the Wallowa Mountains in the rugged terrain of the Eagle Cap Wilderness. One more in a long string of Lost Old Ladies who took a wrong turn and never came back.

Doris went along with her bow hunter husband on a weekend adventure although she was not known as an “outdoor” person. When their car became stuck (while driving off-road where they were not supposed to be), they decided to walk for help. Doris became tired and decided to go back to the car while her husband pressed on.

He was found disoriented and very cold the next day by other bow hunters. When they went back to the car, Doris was not there. Forty searchers from the Sheriff’s office and the military looked until last Tuesday when they had to call off the search due to limited resources. Soon after, search dog volunteer teams showed up, and along with hundreds of bow hunters, are continuing to look for Doris. No sign, no trace, no scent. Nothing.

Where is Doris?


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