Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Total Eclipse of the Moon

West Coast dwellers got a treat early this morning as we could view the entire total lunar eclipse between 1:51 a.m. and 5:24 a.m. Well…the ones who woke up (or stayed up) got a treat. I was lucky enough to be able to watch the whole thing from the comfort of my own bed. My house just happens to be positioned so that the bedroom window has a great view of the western sky. The alarm went off at 1:50 a.m. and all I had to do was reach up and pull back the curtain and open my eyes.

For three and a half hours I dozed on and off, all snug under the covers, waking every few minutes to watch the shadow advance across the face of the full moon. Quite a change from past viewings of sky events that involved sitting outside and shivering, all wet with dew or snow depending on the season. Good thing, too, to be inside as the temp dropped into the low 40s during the night. Of course, the aftermath is that I am ready for a nap this afternoon.


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