Saturday, September 01, 2007

Hung by His Own Petard

Just as Gary Condit was grateful for Nine Eleven, Alberto Gonzales is busy thanking Larry Craig for taking the heat off his own demise and helping to refocus the media onto what is really truly important. Sex! Meanwhile, Karl is slipping quietly out the backdoor.

Former U.S. Senator Craig is not the first, nor will he be the last, public figure to get a body part caught in his zipper. And of course, as wife Suzanne smiles stiffly beside him, you can hear Tammy Wynette’s favorite “Stand By Your Man” playing in the background. Tra la.

So Craig is humbled before his long-suffering wife and embarrassed children, humbled before his friends who expected better, humbled before his constituents, and humbled before the media who will serve him up for breakfast. Abandoned by his president and cohorts and fellow R’s, he stands out there all by himself looking like the lost soul he is.

But no apology for what he did, no acknowledgement that it was wrong. Only a “sorry if he offended someone” and a sob story about his guilty plea. Now we will wait for him to check into rehab or announce to one and all that he has found Jesus.

Another fall from grace. Rather literally into the toilet! By next week he will be forgotten and we will be on to the next scandal.


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