Monday, September 03, 2007

Labor Day

Pack away the white shoes…summer is over! Unofficially anyway. Three more weeks on the calendar until the Autumnal Equinox that signals the advent of Fall. This turning of the calendar page is becoming a very symbolic act for me as the days, weeks, months slide away faster and faster. Summer was a blur of wedding preparations, out of town guests, parties, camping and all manner of busyness. There were precious few of those long, lazy days drinking raspberry iced tea and dozing over a good book.

Now I am in “back-to-school” mode once again as I prepare to go back to my part-time job at Mt. Hood Community College. Craft Groups, Book Club and Friends Hikes are all gearing up for a full schedule of activities during the next few months. We are zooming toward Halloween and The Holidays. And…for our family…The Baby.

Today is a “down day” and it is most welcome. My time has been spent reading yesterday’s Sunday paper and my new birthday book, knitting a few rows, downloading computer photos taken with my new digital camera, listening to beautiful Baroque music on the classical station. Later…a nap and a walk with the dogs. A quiet day to look back at the Summer and look forward to the Fall and perhaps write on the blank pages of the journals I received as birthday gifts.


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