Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Nine or Ninety

It really makes a lot of sense to be knitting a wool sweater on a triple digit day. Maybe I will switch to a cooler yarn. I finished the baby blanket finally! The skein sleeve has a pattern for a cute little hat. Sounds like a better choice for a HOT afternoon. I have all TEN of my fans going full blast and I am staying quiet. This is nothing compared to summers in Missouri or up on The Ridge at my mountain place in California.

Triple degree days were commonplace in Tehama County, California. In my mountain home up on Wild Pig Ridge I had no electricity so no fans. I had to sweat it out. Babe and I found shelter in the shade under the trees, and I was able to catch a breeze up there on top of the hill. My rule up there was 90 degrees or nine o’clock. Whichever came first is when I would stop working and start my Quiet Activities. Most of you will recognize them as my Winter Activities as well. In fact, they are just what I do and are suitable for all climates and temperatures.

These are done while sitting on the couch or out on the front porch. Reading (a good book is essential!), knitting (preferably something besides a wool sweater), working the crossword (requires the daily newspaper), napping (no special requirements), and watching TV (requires electricity).

However, due to the Brain Fart, my kids think I should be in a cool place so Scott is coming to get me, and the dogs and I will spend the day in his air conditioned home. I will take my book and my knitting.


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