Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Danger of Wildflowers

On one of my walks on our Family Camping Adventure this weekend, I encountered the Forest Service Ranger. I asked her the topic of the evening’s presentation at the Amphitheater. When I got back to the campsite, the others asked what it was. Danger of Wildflowers! That’s what came out of my addled brain instead of Danger of Wildfires. I like the idea of wildflowers better.

We were able to have a campfire despite the restrictions, as long as we kept inside the designated fire circle at our campsite. It wasn’t really necessary to have a fire in order to keep warm as the weather was mild. But what is camping without a campfire? The babies learned to avoid “HOT” and kept their distance. We had five tents scattered about three sites strategically placed in a triangle to keep the wee ones contained.

Ember navigated the rough terrain with aplomb and little Oliver managed very well although he plopped down a few times. The kids ran and played and loved the long rides in the wagon. With so many uncles on hand there was always someone to pull them. We went down to the river (Clackamas) and also to a small stream nearby. The kids played in the water, ate sand and dirt, threw rocks, and had a wild and crazy time. The grown-ups took naps and the kids didn’t. Every body out of their usual routines. We had some great food and lots of snacks. Music, games, books, and for me…knitting.

We were at Indian Henry Rock Campground in Mt. Hood National Forest about 20 miles east of Estacada. An hour from home. We are blessed to live in an area that other people drive miles to visit. Home now. Tired and dirty. All the equipment is waiting to be cleaned and stowed away for next time. Some very happy memories were made to celebrate my 72nd birthday.


Blogger Eugenia Jo said...

Ah, what a lovely celebration. As you say, so close too. Why it's almost a "staycation"!!!

Glad the warm weather...and apparently no rain (to harm those Wildflowers!)...prevailed for the excursion.

Happy August Days to All!


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