Monday, December 05, 2011

Early On a Frosty Morn

Can't even see the car in the driveway. The fog has settled in here by the river and it has enveloped everything. It's icy as well and the roads are slick for the morning commute. I am so glad I am retired and don't have to drag myself out in this to go to work. So many winter days I set out in the dark for the long trek to work. I can't help but remember those other Monday mornings with a long week ahead listening to other people's problems. All those dysfunctional families and sad parents.

I have so much happiness in my life now. Spending time with my very normal wonderful children and delightful grandchildren. I am so blessed. I just wrote in Solstice Vibes how I have everything I could want. The very best thing is to have the Magic Money appear in my checking account without my having to do a single thing. Such a relief after so many years of having to put up with lousy bosses, crabby co-workers, traffic, and all the annoying things that go along with earning a living. I was never thrilled to be "emancipated." I didn't join in the Feminine Mystique or all those efforts to empower women. The only reason I worked was to get money to live. I had no desire for a "Career." There was absolutely nothing about working that I enjoyed.

So I am thrilled I don't have to anymore. I don't have to force myself out the door on this freezing foggy morning. I can stay here in my cozy home and read my Kindle and Knit and life is good.


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