Tuesday, January 03, 2012

2012 Resolutions

No more New Year’s Resolutions for me. This year I am changing my life in increments. My plan is to decide on a project for each month. A resolution just for that month. What can I do in 30 days? I think if I work on my project a little each day I will eventually make some noticeable progress in getting my life decluttered and under control. I just watched my neighbors give away bags and boxes to the Veterans who come by in a big truck and cart it away. They are moving to a retirement "assisted living" facility. There goes a lifetime out the door. I am not strong enough to do that. Yet. But I can throw away or donate some of those "Why are you keeping this?" items.

Each month of 2012 I will make a decision depending on my mood, the weather, and other factors that might interfere. Here are some of the things I am considering. Not in any particular order. Not fixed in stone. Subject to change.

Sort & organize medical records & insurance papers
Set up filing system for all the papers in the haphazard sliding stacks and miscellaneous boxes
Find important documents & keep them in a safe place (passport, birth certificate, etc.)
Reorganize both bedroom closets and the hall closet
Start assembling the Grandmother's Garden quilt blocks my Mother made in the 1940's
Finish UFO knitting projects
Go through all the digital photos and pick the best for albums
Lift up the table cloth that is hiding who-knows-what under the corner table
Lose some weight (LOL)
Cook some good healthy meals for my daughter & grandaughter (might be more than a month)
Plan my plot in the Community Garden

Today I put all the Healthnet medical insurance brochures, booklets, provider info for 2007,2008,2009,2010,2011 in the recycling bin. Started a three-ring binder to keep prescription information. There is so much to go through. Tedious. But I am determined.


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