Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Eve Eve

The TV news coverage shows some of the traffic congestion on all the freeways as folks make their way home for the long weekend or head for the mall for last minute gifts. Much worse than the usual Friday night grid lock. It is nice to be ready. Only a trip to the post office for stamps left on my list. And I still have to wrap some Santa presents which doesn't require going anywhere but the storage shed. (Thankfully Ember can't read this.)

It is a tough time of year for some of my friends. I won't elaborate but several people I know are facing overwhelming challenges. I always wonder why bad luck rears its ugly head at this time of year. And so many people I don't know are facing economic stress. The Occupiers remind us that all is not well at this holiday time.

We fall victim to the stereotype of the happy family (Dad, Mom, Kids, Gramps & Granny) gathered around the tree under which is a bounty of beautifully wrapped presents. Who has that? Medical conditions, job loss, fractured families make the perfect picture unattainable for many.

Here at The Hideaway we are going low-key with no gifts for the grown-ups. Just some gifts for the little ones who believe in the magic of Santa Claus. We down-scaled the outdoor decorations. And luckily none of us had to drive or fly to get together.

Still a pall hangs over the celebrations this year. Even the stores give off a feeling of desperation, and fear of overstocking seems prevalent.

Tomorrow we will put the Baby Jesus in the manger of the Nativity Scene. And the kiddos can open one "Quicker" present. (The quicker you go to bed, the quicker Santa will come.) Then...Merry Christmas.


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