Tuesday, December 20, 2011


The problem with having Christmas before Christmas (and that is what our Solstice gathering is, after all) is that now everything seems anticlimatic and out of sync. I went to the store for dog food yesterday and was surprised to find the place filled with shoppers grabbing at all the displays crowding the aisles. Carols were playing over the loudspeaker and folks were in a push/shove mood. The parking lot was jammed.

On the other hand, on the plus side the house is clean and tidy, everything is put out of sight, the decorations are still up, and all the stress is gone. Of course, Santa is still expected to come on Christmas Eve and enter through the hole in the ceiling where the wood stove chimney used to be. He can climb down on the kitty condo. There's a special chair in the living room where he will find cookies and milk and a request for an easel & art supplies. The wee one will be so excited!

The grandchildren have brightened the holiday and taken the edge off my Scrooge-ness. I'm actually listening to "Holiday Tunes" right now. And enjoying a warm cozy "down day" when there is nothing on the calendar. Outside the grey day is uninviting but later I'll walk the dogs.

Homemade soup (a gift) for dinner. And a NetFlix movie (Bridesmaids) to cheer me up. Life is good.


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