Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday Night

The first night since February 6th that I have been alone. My collapse occurred late at night and now Family is worried that it could happen again. I have been home from thehospital all week but one or another kid stayed over with me. I think I am better. Perhaps the pneumonia has subsided. That was sapping my strength and my breath. I am on a journey now and I think this is a good place to document what is going on.

Today I made two appointments for next week. The first is on Tuesday evening when the Lifeline representative will come to my house to sign me up for one of those safety gizmos that summon help. Seems like overkill at this time, but Family thinks it is important. Mainly because I won't need my glasses to push the button.

The other is the test Dr. Hart (what a great name for a cardiologist!) wants me to have in order to determine what damage needs to be corrected by surgery. I will go to the Northwest Cardiovascular Institute at 07:30 Thursday morning. It's usually an all-day outpatient procedure BUT I might have to spend the night if they decide to put in a stent.

Then there will be a meeting with Dr. Hart, the Surgeon, Family and me to talk about the future. Surgery is scary and there is always risk. I am apprehensive but my choices are limited.

That is where things stand right now. Stay tuned...


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