Saturday, January 14, 2012

Weekend Weather

We have had some very unseasonal days so far this year. Beautiful sunrises every morning. Bright starry full moon nights. NO RAIN. Today the weather has shifted and rain is pouring down. Very gray and dreary and I am glad to be inside and warm and dry. This is the Oregon Winter I know. And hate. So depressing. I am a sunshine person and I have been transplanted to this soggy wet place. The only reason I stay is for my children and grandchildren. Family is everything. But frankly, it is a lot to put up with.

So the K's save me. Knitting and Kindle. Oh...and coffee. I am grateful that the newspaper is delivered right to my front porch. No getting wet involved in retrieving it. The mail is a different story. The bank of boxes is across the street and there is no way to get the mail without getting wet. Sometimes I struggle out and then there is nothing but junk mail. I used to get a handful of bills but now I do everything online. Paperless.

I will tell you...TV sucks on Saturday afternoon. And this week's movie from Netflix is for Ember. 101 Dalmations. One of her all-time favorites. I watch HGTV amd I do like Househunters International. Virtual travel. But tomorrow is Sunday and Masterpiece Theater. My favorite show this season is Downton Abbey. Something to look forward to.

My sweet little granddaughter will be here soon and she'll stay overnight. We'll make popcorn and wrap up in blankets on the couch and watch the movie. I enjoy these times we have together. She's old enough now for us to have real conversations. She has opinions! And a great sense of humor.

So Winter begins. Maybe snow tomorrow. Maybe not. Can't trust those forecasters.


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