Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Have a HEALTHY New Year

January is check-up time. I get these little reminder postcards. It has been 100 years since your last appointment. Call now to schedule your next visit. Tra la. The whole sequence started in January 2009 when I had a series of tests. Since then I have been battling a number of health challenges which seem overwhelming when I list them. Identified in 2009 were problems with heart (leaky valves), lungs (COPD), bones (osteoporosis/scoliosis), & joints (arthritis). My eyes, hearing and teeth are doing okay.

So I might be getting new glasses today. I hate that part of the exam when they touch my eyeball. Yewww. But I wouldn't mind some new frames. Time for an updated look. I see older women with their frames from the 80's and I don't want to look like them. I got these frames in 2006. Times up.

Tomorrow I see my primary physician and start the chain of referrals and tests. Somehow, despite all the ailments, I feel pretty good and able to enjoy my life. I just keep chugging along with my paisley cane and my very expensive designer orthopedic shoes. But the medical folks want to keep tabs on me. So I go along and check in every January.

I will turn 75 later this year. It is hard to acknowledge old age and accept the physical limitations. My big fear is that I will lose my brain. It already has some holes in it. Which is one reason I have this Blog and I'm on Facebook and Twitter and Ravelry and Goodreads. Trying to keep current in the Electronic Century. I even bought a Kindle.If the body betrays me, I hope to still have my brain.


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