Monday, April 02, 2007

The Great Sliding Stack

This morning I am working on summer plans and getting dates on the calendar. This involves invading the sliding stack overflowing from my In Box. Things have been accumulating in there since August 2006 which is about eight months worth of unsorted paperwork, flyers, brochures, ads, coupons, letters, e-mails, reports, photos, newspaper articles, reminder postcards, and other unidentifiable items. Just about everything that arrives by USPS except for bills. Those reside in a desk drawer that seems to be a safer and more reliable place.

Nevertheless, the need to find things causes a certain level of stress as lately my brain has had a fog around the edges and many things seem to go missing. Today I need information about a gift I’m giving Phil for his 39th birthday on April 10th. Time constraint there!

Yesterday Andy and Laura and I started planning a camping trip for July. We’re going to the Sisters Quilt Show and we’ll camp overnight at a place they know. I’m entering The Quilt and I need to find the brochure and registration materials. The deadline could be looming and I don’t want to miss it.

Despite the fact that Spring in its usual form has not arrived in Portland, Women’s Golf starts next week. I participated in it last year and enjoyed getting out and trudging around the links with the other old ladies. I have a whole little packet of Golf Stuff including notes I’ve taken with words of wisdom from instructors. Plus little rule books. Also extra balls and wooden tees and the One Glove. Also have to find the shoes. And…it goes without saying…the clubs. The latter few will not be on the desk. But I have to put my hands on that notebook.

Search and Rescue begins. As I sort through I find many things that can go straight to recycling as they are over or unimportant. Other things I had forgotten about remind me of things I need to do. The most obvious, of course, is buy some file folders and organize this mess. In the past, it has been my custom to shove it all in a box and label it To Be Filed. I have about fifty of those boxes in my storage unit. The older ones are now Time Capsules!

It’s another cold (34 degrees) gloomy wet morning in the Northwest so perhaps I will get going on this project. Or not. I could fall asleep over my book. Or knit a few more rows on the $45 socks. Or work a Sudoku puzzle. So many choices…so little time.


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