Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Best Choice

Best Choice is the label of the store-brand merchandise sold at Carney’s Five Star Market in Osceola, Missouri. You may remember Carney’s as the setting for The Lone Eggplant in Down Home Musings. A great little market that catered to the needs of town residents and also to the appetites of the hunters and fishermen who invaded the town from time to time.

When I first arrived in Oregon, I brought along many products purchased there…pretty much anything that was not perishable. Canned goods, paper goods, toiletries. One by one those have been used up and today I used up the last identifiable Best Choice product. I have finally exhausted the 18-month supply of coffee filters that made the cross-country trip!

Now I live in Oregon 100%. But I do have fond memories of Carney’s Market where I shopped almost daily for the years I lived there. They began carrying Boca Burgers just for me and added tofu and eggplant to the produce department. The checkers were friendly and asked about my dogs. And as you know, I have an insatiable need for empty boxes and the store proved to be a good source. No matter when I went, early or late, weekday or weekend, I would run into someone I knew so shopping often took quite a bit longer than I had planned.

The place was a community center and a source of information. In the winter, the local joke was that when you saw the parking lot getting crowded a big storm was coming in. During hunting season, the giant barbecue was set up in the parking lot and the smell of ribs permeated the town. Outside the door stood the yellow paper box where I went on my daily mission to purchase The Kansas City Star.

Lots of memories there and I thought of all those trips as I tossed out the coffee filter wrapper.


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