Monday, April 16, 2007

Step It Up

Concerned folks in Osceola organized into this small activist organization just before I moved away. I was lucky to attend several meetings before I left. It's a special group mentored and inspired by my friends Larry and Ruth Lewis. They may be few in number, but their message is loud and clear.

This past weekend when people across the country joined in Climate Change demonstrations, these people braved the chilling weather to ask Congress to STEP IT UP as they gathered on a bluff top overlooking the place where the Sac River, flowing out of the Ozark highlands, joins the Osage River, coming through wetlands of the Osage plains in eastern Kansas.

These Osage River bluffs, near Osceola, MO, form part of the 12- mile outer rim of the Weableau Structure, identified by geologists of Missouri State Universty as the crater left by a meteor that crashed into our planet 340,000,000 years ago. The human "Crater Critters" in the photo pledge to do what they can to lessen the catastrophic effects of our species' behavior.


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