Wednesday, April 04, 2007

A Thousand Things

It’s a big fad this year. “One thousand places to see before you die.” That wears me out just thinking about it. Back in July 2005, I wrote in Musings about starting a list of things that I am probably NEVER going to do before I die. Back then, I listed several things associated with the Ozarks so I will skip over those. Long way to go to 1000, but I am working on it. I add things on a fairly regular basis. I will keep you updated. Here is the new list:

Learn to swim
Finish reading Dr. Zhivago
Run for office
Drive a cab
Win the lottery
Finish sorting The Stuff
Grow roses (although I will stop to smell them!)
Run a marathon
Learn another language
Waste my time looking at youtube
Like licorice


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