Friday, September 07, 2007

The 7th of September

My mother died on the 7th of September in 1957, a few weeks after my 20th birthday. That was the day my childhood ended and my carefree life was over. Overnight I became an adult. It was one of those gorgeous fall days in Missouri, the air crisp and the sunlight sharp. I remember being so angry that the sun was shining on a day of such sadness.

It has been fifty years now since I drove frantically through the night in response to a call from St. Joseph’s Hospital. I was there holding her hand when she drew her last breath. Some said it was a blessing that her cancer-ridden body was free from pain at last after a two year battle. But I was her baby…her youngest daughter…and I was cast adrift. It was the worst feeling of my life, and still…these many years later…the days of early September bring an overwhelming sadness with them.

Remembering Mother
Winifred Barnes Anderson
February 21, 1895 – September 7, 1957


Blogger Eugenia Jo said...

Sharing your feelings of "mother loss"... my mother, Dora Osibov Regan, departed this plane on September 8, 1991.
Their memories are with us, their genes live on through us.

10:33 AM  

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