Saturday, October 20, 2007

Blustery Morning

Nothing quite so cozy and reassuring as lying in bed all warm and snuggled down under the blankets while a storm rages outside, slamming the windows with pounding rain and blowing branches. All week the weather predictions have warned us this was coming. Here it is!

A perfect day for staying inside and being lazy. No place I have to be, nothing urgent to do. These are the times I treasure…the hours spent relaxing with my book (The Emperor’s Children) and my knitting (Edwardian Carrying Cape for Baby Louise). My little cat, Skye, is recovering from major dental surgery and needs special attention. Lenny is oblivious and unaffected. Even the Labs that normally don’t mind the rain, are content to snooze on their beds.

It’s a day for soup and I have a mushroom and barley concoction brewing in the crockpot. Later I’ll make blueberry muffins to go with it. One or more of the kids might drop by. They are more apt to brave the weather than I am. On a day like this I like to play the Old Lady Card and just not go out.

It does seem winter has come early this year. Two years ago on this date we were driving the U-Haul on the last leg of the journey from Missouri to Oregon and the start of my new life here. We made it “ahead of the snow.” This year there have already been several snow advisories and today the snow level is down to 3500’. Ten inches already at Timberline on Mt. Hood.

Other parts of the country, including Missouri, are having severe weather as well. Unseasonable tornadoes causing some devastation. Flooding, drought, and abnomal temperature fluctations. On this shivery cold blustery morning it is hard to relate to the “warming” part of Global Warming.


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