Wednesday, September 12, 2007

It’s trash day in Wood Village and my morning reverie is interrupted by the raucous grinding of hydraulic gears as the giant trucks lumber down my street grabbing our new big green all-in-one (except glass) recycling bins and flipping them into the maw. The bins have wheels and are much easier to get to the curb than the small orange tubs we had before. No more sorting of cardboard and paper and metal and plastic. Everything goes in. Except, as I said, glass which messes up the automatic sorting machine. The trucks are automated and no more friendly garbage man teasing the dogs. Just a big iron hand that slides out and grabs the bin.

This morning I am home and getting used to my fall schedule. All summer these Wednesday mornings were my time on the golf course. Our group has disbanded now and we are all back to our regular lives. The dogs are glad to have some company as I have been gone quite a bit lately. Now I have this day for errands in the morning and Knit Wits in the afternoon. Working at the college on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Mondays and Fridays are up for grabs but they will go quickly as groups bid for my volunteer hours.

Weekends are full with harvest fairs and family activities and hiking in the Gorge. Not many empty days between now and …The Baby’s Arrival. Taking advantage of this down time today to start making a “lollipop” afghan for the wee one. I treasure these lazy moments now that they are few and far between.

The trucks have rumbled off and silence descends on Elderberry Lane. Time for a second cup of coffee.


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