Thursday, October 04, 2007

Snow Advisory in the Cascades

Sixteen inches at Timberline and eight more expected. Roads are icy and chains are required. The first week of Fall is masquerading as winter. The mountain has drawn curtains of fog around herself as she changes into her all white winter clothing. Down at the bottom of the peak rain is pouring steadily and it’s time for the gore-tex to re-emerge. At home the furnace is on for the first time since summer and the extra blanket is back on the bed. The cat’s heated fleece bed is plugged in.

Perhaps Mother Nature is gearing up for a long winter. Or maybe November will bring some respite and a spate of warm sunny days. If this is the beginning of the long haul…it would seem time to stock up on provisions, yarn and books.

In that regard, the Library Used Book Sale is scheduled for this weekend. Scott and I always attend and take advantage of the opportunity to fill a bag for $1.00. This time we will be looking for books about and for babies. I always hit the craft book section, and am on the lookout for vegetarian cookbooks. Scott is over in Sci-Fi and old National Geographics.

As if I don’t have enough projects, two new knitting patterns are ordered and should arrive in the mail this weekend. And the Magic Sweater Class starts next week. The October calendar is filling up fast. It’s good to be busy and active and out and about doing fun stuff. The snow level is not down this far so driving is just wet. As I write this there is a hint of sunshine.


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