Monday, September 10, 2007

Back to Summer

After a touch of fall with crisp days and a craving for apples, followed by a preview of winter with a longing for a crock pot of soup, here comes full blown summer with a renewed interest in iced tea. Today the temp is approaching 90+ degrees and the sun beats down. These weather burps are confusing people and making wardrobe management difficult. Too soon to pack away the sandals but too soon to break out the boots.

For me…on a rare day at home with nothing scheduled…it is a chance to revert to what I now call my “Missouri Mode” which involves a great deal of sitting and knitting or reading and the sipping of raspberry or peach iced tea. The dogs are in their dust bowl wallows under the bushes where they stay cool and keep watch on the neighborhood. The cats have abandoned the fleece beds for the cool kitchen floor.

There’s a breeze and the curtains are fluttering a bit. Ceiling fans help the air along as it circulates through rooms that were shut tight just last week. It’s a welcome change as I felt cheated out of summer. It won’t be a lazy week, though, as registration has begun at the local college which means I am back at my part-time job.

Still…I found time this morning to finish two projects. A comfort shawl for a friend who lost her husband and a tiny hat for my little girl grandchild who is expected in December. You can see both on my craft blog at


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