Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Morning View

Here I am with my morning coffee (1/2 real - 1/2 decaf) and my knitting (back to the wool sweater now that it is cool again). From my spot on the couch I can look out the window and see my own overgrown yard that hides the unattractive view of my neighbor’s house which he has painted baby puke pink. Unfortunately, the leaves depart in the Fall and I have to devise other means to dress up the view. On a clear day, I can see the bank of mailboxes and watch the local residents pick up their mail which can, believe it or not, be entertaining. (Do I need to get a life?)

There’s no sun today. Perhaps elsewhere, but not here at the foot of Mt. Hood. She has drawn a silvery shawl of fog over her summer dress. A chilly breeze is sneaking in the windows left open to let out yesterday’s heat. The Triple Digit Days are over and we are back in the Pacific Northwest. We are nearing the Back-to-School day that will provide some welcome relief from the constant drone of kiddies playing and the interminable ball bouncing.

The half-dead plants that greeted me when I returned from camping have perked up since the dousing I gave them yesterday. The fuchsia didn’t make it, but the rest are soldiering on. I like the look of my porch…all greenery and wind chimes...that greets me when I come home. The grass died so does not require mowing.

Ember is at daycare today and I have two Dr. appts. It is, as my sister used to say, “hump day,” and the slide toward the weekend begins. When I was working, this mattered. Now…every day is pretty much the same.


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