Sunday, August 09, 2009

The Angst of Autumn

The angst of Autumn is in the air despite the calendar. There’s no sunshine on this cloudy Sunday afternoon, and the sounds of summer have disappeared. Kids are inside playing video games instead of running in the street. It is only early August, but leaves are falling and the stores are selling back-to-school supplies and clothes. What happened to our glorious hot sunny days? Times of iced tea and lolling around. Now…already we are drawing in. Thinking of winter and sweaters and chilly nights. I’m regretting taking the flannel sheets off the bed.

A trip to the bookstore this morning for a supply of books to have on hand once colder weather sets in. Last Friday a trip to the Marketplace at Sock Summit for a supply of yarn for hats and scarves and socks. Already a sweater is on the needles and it should be done by the first frost. This doesn’t seem right. These are activities for October. Some would disagree, but it does seem that Climate Change might be responsible.

There’s a sadness about these grey days and a pining for long lost summer days back at Terrapin Station in Missouri. Now there’s a place that knows how to do summer! Fall came later there. Summer lasted longer. But this year there will be a brightness in the house with little Ember and so the dark days of despair will be held at bay.


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