Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Why I Oppose Obama’s Health Care Reform Proposal

He has said, many times, that if you already have health insurance you can keep it. This is misleading and not true because part of his plan to fund his ambitious reform is to eliminate the Medicare Advantage plans that are currently available to seniors. That would leave them with only traditional Medicare.

Here’s how it works now: Medicare Part B costs Social Security recipients $96.40 and is deducted from their monthly payment. For that exact same amount, (in others words without any more out-of-pocket cost) seniors can enroll in Medicare Advantage plans. These are “no premium” plans. There are several HMOs to choose from. These insurance plans are accepted by most hospitals, doctors, and clinics. On the other hand, very few physicians will accept Medicare patients.

So forgive me if I am tempted to go to a Town Hall and start yelling. Obama’s plan is going to take away my insurance and offer nothing in its place. Leave well enough alone.


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