Monday, August 10, 2009

Summer’s End

The first flock of geese went over at dawn this morning heralding the annual migration that passes above my house. This is the beginning of my end-of-summer wake-up calls. The geese hunker down in the field across the road and take off at first light, calling out their greetings to one another and announcing their presence. At dusk they swoop in from the north, flying low across the River and flapping down among the weeds at the old farm across the way, honking all the way.

Princess goes on full alert at the first rustle, waiting for the gunshot that would mean a bird to retrieve. She watches the flock fly over and I sense a restlessness in her. She was bred to hunt but I chose another life for her.

It’s time to buy school clothes and shoes, stock up on supplies, and make those annual “To Do” resolutions. Things to get done after the kids are back in school. I still live by that clock even though it has been many years since back-to-school directly affected me. Especially not this year as I won’t be returning to the college. Nevertheless…I always make a list on my birthday and look to Fall as a new year and a new start.

We’ve already celebrated my birthday with the Family Camping Adventure so there won’t be any big whoop-de-doo on the 24th. Just my own acknowledgement that I dodged the bullet this time and a thankfulness that I am here to turn 72.


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