Sunday, April 18, 2010

Friends...Present and Former

"We are nothing to one another but what we choose to become, and we can unbecome it whenever we want." William Deresiewicz

Some friendships die a natural death. Some outlive their meaning. Others require surgery or drastic means to disentangle.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Waiting for the Revolution

I have changed my registration from Democrat to Ralph Nader's Progressive Party. And I will join the Tea Party Demonstration by my house this afternoon. I am so angry and bitter.

I know it will be a relief to my fellow Americans that I have done my part to help reduce the umpteen trillion dollar deficit by giving up my $95/month Medicare Advantage health insurance. Why are seniors being penalized to pay for the glorious Universal Health Care? I think everyone who supported the Reform Bill should contribute to the cost of my health insurance which will go from $95/month to over $400/month. I can't afford it so I am one of the ones that BO will target with fines. Thanks a lot, guys.

My father had a well paid job as an engineer and worked for the same company for forty years. They offered a great workspace, nice vacations and paid time off, and were to be credited for hiring a deaf employee. BUT...they did not provide health insurance coverage. My family nearly went bankrupt paying for my mother's 18 month battle with colon cancer. When did this mandate to offer expensive coverage for every working person start? I also worked many years without any benefits. Now everyone but me will have insurance.

I think many people will find that Obamacare is full of surprises that may not be so wonderful after all. Meanwhile I continue to wait for the Revolution.