Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Neighbors from Hell

I have had some annoying neighbors, some irritating neighbors, some loud neighbors, some unpleasant neighbors, some argumentative neighbors, some helpless neighbors, some needy neighbors, but I have never...never...had neighbors like the ones next door. They are all of those adjectives plus some. They are selling their place and moving which should be good news except they have been doing it a box at a time since Christmas and I don't see any end to it. Right now they are having an "estate sale" even though they are not dead (just old). All manner of rusty junk is laid out in their carport as if someone would want it. I understand (although I have not been in there and have no intention of going) that all their furniture has price tags on the pieces. They are going into a retirement home. I wonder if the facility is prepared for their comings and goings.

I don't know what they do, but he leaves at 5:30 a.m. every day to do it. She comes and goes and comes and goes, always with much door slamming and gate banging. They have some obsession with stuff and are constantly transporting boxes to and fro. They take stuff out but then they bring other stuff back. A rotating hoard. Yesterday I asked them not to leave the radio blaring when they weren't there, but...they blew me off and told me my house walls were too thin.

Of course, this is a known evil and the next residents could be worse although at the moment I can't think how. Be careful what you wish for, you might get it.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday Night

The first night since February 6th that I have been alone. My collapse occurred late at night and now Family is worried that it could happen again. I have been home from thehospital all week but one or another kid stayed over with me. I think I am better. Perhaps the pneumonia has subsided. That was sapping my strength and my breath. I am on a journey now and I think this is a good place to document what is going on.

Today I made two appointments for next week. The first is on Tuesday evening when the Lifeline representative will come to my house to sign me up for one of those safety gizmos that summon help. Seems like overkill at this time, but Family thinks it is important. Mainly because I won't need my glasses to push the button.

The other is the test Dr. Hart (what a great name for a cardiologist!) wants me to have in order to determine what damage needs to be corrected by surgery. I will go to the Northwest Cardiovascular Institute at 07:30 Thursday morning. It's usually an all-day outpatient procedure BUT I might have to spend the night if they decide to put in a stent.

Then there will be a meeting with Dr. Hart, the Surgeon, Family and me to talk about the future. Surgery is scary and there is always risk. I am apprehensive but my choices are limited.

That is where things stand right now. Stay tuned...

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Health Crisis

Monday, February 6th I went to the hospital in an ambulance after collapsing from lack of oxygen. Diagnosis was pneumonia but turns out there are complications. I stayed a week and came home Sunday the 12th. Still on oxygen and very weak and shaky. I see the cardiologist on the 16th. Where do we go from here? Probably heart valve replacement. I am apprehensive about my future. Thoughts and prayers are appreciated.