Friday, October 31, 2008

All Hallow's Eve

The ghouls and goblins are abroad and ghosts are everywhere. Witches have been knocking at my door and eerie sounds are all around. At The Hideaway we stocked up on yummy chocolate bribes for the neighborhood kiddies, but only a few trick or treaters have shown up. The Park sponsored a party at the Rec Hall and I believe that gave the kids a safe place out of the rain to celebrate.

It is the night when the veil between the living and the dead is very thin. A night to light a candle for the ancestors. A night to honor those who have gone past the bar. Tonight marks the end of the Celtic calendar year. And in Portland it marks the end of Fall and the start of The Rain which is falling as I write. My shiny new metal roof will protect me and there will be no more dampness in the dining room this season.

The kids and grandkids have gathered at Windy's but I have chosen to be a responsible pet owner and stay with the dogs. They are frightened by the costumes and confused by all the noise and knocks on the door. They are settled in crates in the back bedroom listening to classical music and snoozing with their bones. Halloween is second only to the 4th of July for doggie meltdown.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Stay Tuned

My Internet Explorer browser is operationally challenged which means I can't post things fr0m home. items will be only on Mondays for awhile as I can use Windy's computer on my Magic Mondays with Ember. I am off work until December. Here are some updates:

VACATION: We had an awesome vacation in California spending time with family and friends and enjoying the WARM weather. Ember got to meet her newest little cousin Grayson and spend time playing with Brayden. She also visited Benny and Maddy, Kim's children. And she played with Ann's adorable grandchildren. Ember was a good little traveler and the plane rides went smoothly. She adapted well to all the unfamiliar people and places and especially enjoyed Cari's dogs. Windy was able to take naps every day for the first time since the baby was born. We plan to make this trip an annual event! Many many thanks to our hosts and all who came to visit with us.

OBSERVANCES: All Hallow's Eve is coming up this Friday and the neighborhood kiddies will be coming by for their bribes. The dogs have a hard time with the costumes so they will spend the evening in the back bedroom. I plan to dress as an old lady! Shortly thereafter, we have the Day of the Dead which is November 1st or 2nd depending on what pagan religion makes sense to you. Either is a time to remember those who have gone before us.

CURRENT EVENTS: Is anyone else sick of Pennsylvania? Between political campaigns and baseball that's all we hear. I will be SO glad when the election is over. I have not yet voted although Oregon's vote-by-mail encourages early voting. I am waiting for the huge catastrophe or scandal to surface.

October 24 - Honoring the Ancestors

Today, October 24th, is the day the Celtic peoples honored the keeping, remembrance, and repetition of genealogies and family lists. Join me in celebrating the women who form the long line of Ember's ancestors.

NINE GENERATIONS from the 18th century to the 21st century

The matrilineal line is unbroken for nine generations. It reaches from Ember Louise Fay Roth who was born in 2007 back to Millicent Squires Sibley who was born in 1751.

1 Ember Louise Fay Roth [2007 - ]
2 Winifred Lora Graham Roth [1972 - ]
3 Patricia Louise Anderson [1937 - ]
4 Winifred Emberzetta Barnes Anderson (Mrs. Clarence) [1895 – 1957]
5 Clara Belle Sheldon Barnes (Mrs. William Gregory) [1866 – 1942]
6 Millicent Diver Sheldon (Mrs. John) [1837 – 1870]
7 Rebecca Martin Diver (Mrs. Daniel) [1803 – 1887]
8 Millicent Sibley Martin (Mrs. Killian) [1775 – 1858]
9 Millicent Squires Sibley (Mrs. Samuel) [1751 – 1843]

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Temporary Hiatus

There may not be any news for awhile. I can't get to my Blog on my home computer (virus problems persist). I have been posting from work, but after Friday October 3rd I will be off until December 16th. Therefore...if the space is blank for awhile, bear with me. I shall return.